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LEED, the most widely used green building program in the world, has been certifying projects since 2000 and is an international symbol of green building leadership and sustainability excellence. This globally recognized sign of environmental accomplishment provides a foundation for green buildings that are healthy, efficient, low-carbon, and cost-effective. LEED-certified buildings are crucial in tackling climate change, reaching ESG objectives, strengthening resilience, and promoting more equitable communities.


USL Technology focuses on integrating the triple bottom line, Economic, Social, and Environmental in our day-to-day operations and client projects. Our vision is to promote and integrate sustainable design in high-performance buildings through the power of innovation, education, and equity within our communities while leading the way to promote Healthy Buildings, Healthy People, and Healthy Communities.

USL Technology has LEED BD+C and EBOM professionals on staff to guide buildings seeking LEED operations and maintenance recertification. 

Recertification encourages project teams to monitor their performance data and to prove that their
buildings were performing as intended. It is not enough to demonstrate leadership at a point in time. We want all LEED projects to continue to demonstrate leadership long after they are constructed and occupied. 

Let's showcase your pledge to sustainability.

LEED certification is recognized worldwide as a symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership. Providing the framework for healthy and efficient green buildings, we help you actualize your vision in saving both carbon and costs.   

Technical solutions for new construction and existing buildings.

LEED for Building Design and Construction (LEED BD+C) provides a framework for designing and constructing a comprehensive green building, allowing you to nail down every sustainability aspect and maximize the advantages.

Recertification pushes project teams to track performance data and demonstrate that the LEED project continues to function to LEED
standards. Recertification is valid for three years. 

LEED Certifications In Our Work

We provide LEED certification consulting services that focus on existing buildings, new construction, LEED communities, and LEED hospitality, ensuring sustainable design standards are met, recognition for your commitment to sustainability, and value for stakeholders.

LEED for New Construction

LEED for Building Design and Construction (BD+C) provides a framework for sustainable new construction or major renovation projects. 

Types of LEED BD+C Projects: 

  • New Construction and Major Renovation 
  • Core and Shell Development 
  • Data Centers 
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality 
  • Retail 
  • Schools 
  • Warehouses and Distribution Centers 
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LEED for Existing Buildings

LEED for operations and maintenance (O+M) guides sustainable building operations in spaces that have been fully functioning and occupied for at least one year.  

LEED O+M projects have two options to maintain their certification:

• Recertify (every 1-5 years) using the credit-based approach in LEED Online


• Recertify annually through the performance based approach in Arc, i.e. ongoing


The LEED for Building Operations and Maintenance rating system can be used for both buildings seeking LEED certification for the first time and projects that have already been certified under any version of the LEED Design and Construction rating systems. It is the only LEED rating system that needs projects to get recertified.

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LEED Hospitality

With energy intensive onsite amenities and transient building occupation, LEED BD+C: Hospitality outlines how to address the unique challenges and opportunities present within the service industry. 

Our focus on LEED Hospitality is aligned with our commitment to creating sustainable living environments that benefit both the local community and the environment. By using this rating system, we are able to create eco-friendly resorts that provide a luxurious experience for our guests while also promoting sustainable development in the Gambia.

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LEED Communities

LEED for Cities and Communities models strategies for local leaders to create and operationalize responsible sustainablility.  

Our focus on LEED for cities and communities is aligned with our commitment to creating sustainable living environments in the Gambia. By following the LEED framework, we ensure that our projects meet rigorous sustainability standards, including energy efficiency, water conservation, and waste reduction.

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