Our Holistic Approach

New York buildings are often burdened with the impacts of climate change, frequently facing severe storms, floods, wildfires, and blackouts. To help you avoid structural damage and bounce back quickly, USL Technology is here to develop and implement a holistic and proactive sustainability and resiliency strategy for your building in line with guidelines set by the NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability and Resiliency.

USL Technology takes a holistic approach to help your organization fulfills it’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our professionals are prepared to consult on a range of project types. We are well equipped to provide  your organization with the opportunities to more sustainable while considering the economic value, local law requirements, and any incentive programs specific to your industry.

We work to elevate your buildings to a higher standard by streamlining the process of integrating sustainability and resiliency measures into your operations and long-term planning strategy. These measures will not only save you thousands in the long run, but you would be reducing your carbon footprint and making your workspace and your city a healthier space to be.

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Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. The rating system transforms the way buildings and communities are designed, built and operated, enabling an environmentally and socially responsible, healthy, and prosperous environment that improves the quality of life.

LEED in Our Work

Our firm is composed of LEED Accredited Professionals with design, construction, property management and real estate backgrounds. Our services include LEED Feasibility Studies / Gap Analysis for New and Existing Buildings, Energy Star Sign-Offs, LEED Consulting (EB O&M, Data Centers, New Building Construction), Infrared Building Envelope Imaging, Energy Modeling, and Local Law Compliance. Our diverse team is dedicated to deliver sustainable solutions for integrated design, construction, operations and maintenance. We are often hired to find the quickest, most economical path to certification!

Extended Network

With our vendors, suppliers, industry professionals etc. we can offer you comprehensive services with end-to-end project-specific analysis and strategies that help reduce resource demand, consumption and cost in existing commercial buildings in NYS.

Client-first Approach

Our job is to make your life easier. We look out for our clients’ best interests and provide an integrated approach to addressing sustainability problems.


We enjoy our work and truly believe and support the LEED framework and how it helps build a sustainable, prosperous future for greener buildings and communities worldwide.

Optimal Results

We have tried and tested LEED principles that have worked in our previous LEED Gold projects. We also apply best practices from our work and industry to get optimal results.


Our team has a solid green building knowledge foundation and technical expertise in the built environment with certifications and education in urban planning, engineering, sustainability, technology, policy planning etc.

Streamlined Process

We do the work and manage the process. We don’t just focus on “LEED Administration,” as other consultants may do, and push the rest of the work to your property management team. Our team pushes the project along, ensuring all Policies, Programs, Upgrades, and Best Practices are implemented.

Shock Resilience

With resiliency measures in place, your building will be shock resistant to extreme weather events, while ensuring the comfort and safety of your patrons and those employed in the building.

Carbon Emission Reduction

The building sector makes up nearly 70% of NYC’s carbon footprint. By implementing energy saving measures and sustainable roofs, your building’s carbon footprint will be cut, save you from LL97 penalties, and possibly earn you income in the carbon marketplace. Learn more here.

Efficient Use of Resources

When you implement Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) in your building, the energy it consumes is used more efficiently while extending the lifetime of your equipment.

Cost Savings

With Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) in place, your building’s energy use will come down and you will see immediate effects on your energy bills.

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