Energy Modeling

What is Energy Modeling?

Energy modeling is a method for calculating a building’s energy use and comparing alternative design possibilities.

It is a critical tool in the efforts to gain insight on existing building energy consumption and optimize the engineering and cost-benefit potential of energy conservation measures (ECMs) or the calculation of energy profiles and carbon footprints of new structures.

Energy Modeling can be used to demonstrate compliance with the NYC Energy Code Compliance (NYCECC) or for LEED and /or other Utility-based incentives program compliance when doing an analysis for new or existing commercial buildings.

Potential Benefits:

USL Technology + Energy Modeling

USL Technology offers Energy Modeling as part of our holistic strategy to maximize the engineering and cost benefits of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs). Our passion is in finding new solutions that reduce consumption in an efficient and sustainable way.

Our team of engineers have performed Energy Modeling to inform design, for LEED, incentive programs, and in support of energy audits on numerous projects including four that received LEED Gold certification.

Our Process:

  • Gather Information
    First we obtain information about the structure. The model will be more accurate if the input data is more detailed.
  • Activate Energy Modeling
    We use the information obtained to conduct energy modeling in industry approved software that will produce predictive data on energy usage, costs, ROI, carbon emissions, etc.
  • Develop ECM Implementation Proposal
    We prepare a proposal using the energy model that includes solid and extensive recommendations for your building as well as what you can expect from your investment.


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