Strategic Pathway to Decarbonizing & Financing

Short Term

Capital Planning

USL Technology assists business owners and operators with the initial capital planning phase by performing cost-benefit analysis to determine which projects are a good fit for their buildings.Whether it's new construction or upgrades to an existing building our organization collaborates with internal and external professionals to ensure owners and operators are receiving the fairest deal on the market.

  • Energy Modeling

    Our experts can examine a building's energy use and compare alternative design solutions using Energy Modeling. We would examine your building's existing energy consumption and weather resiliency as a baseline for upgrading suggestions during the capital planning process.

  • Facade & Systems Upgrades

    Based on energy consumption audits, we work to recommend upgrades that meet the needs of your building with energy efficient smart technology. Upgrades could be in the form of new HVAC equipment, lighting upgrades, controls, and more.

  • Low Carbon Programs & Incentives

    USL Technology will work to find and connect you to applicable incentive programs and financing options specific to your projects to capitalize on your investments.

Long Term

Operational Expense Planning

USL Technology’s will provide your business with the strategies to incorporate energy conservation efforts into your current operational budget and how to continue monitoring energy use to save you money over time.

  • Energy Modeling

    We continue to use Energy Modeling once ECMs are implemented to monitor and analyze building performance, based on the data collected during the capital planning process.

  • Energy Management

    We build a robust energy management plan that encompasses: Ongoing Operation & Maintenance Energy/Cost Savings, Improved Quality of Life, Satisfied Tenants and Occupants, and Annual Carbon Emission Reduction

  • Continuous/Retro-Commissioning

    USL Technology connects you to engineers that assist existing buildings in ensuring that systems are designed, installed, functionally tested, and capable of being operated and maintained according to the owner’s operational needs.


Local Law Compliance

NYC has several local laws that require buildings to meet certain energy standards.

  • Manage and report on your energy data (LL84/LL133/LL87)
  • Get you a high letter grade on your building performance (LL95)
  • Avoid LL97 penalties
Carbon Emission Reduction

The building sector makes up nearly 70% of NYC’s carbon footprint. By implementing energy saving measures and sustainable roofs, your building’s carbon footprint will be cut, save you from LL97 penalties, and possibly earn you income in the carbon marketplace.

Efficient Use of Resources

When you implement Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) in your building, the energy it consumes is used more efficiently while extending the lifetime of your equipment.

Cost Savings

With Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) in place, your building’s energy use will come down and you will see immediate effects on your energy bills.

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