Who We Are

Our team has over 15 years of combined experience in climate adaptation and mitigation, energy, sustainability, finance, technology, and engineering related to efficiency and resiliency in the built environment. We apply a systems-thinking approach while assessing biodiversity, land use, efficient use of resources within buildings, communities, and cities relating to water and energy use, human health and well-being, waste management, and the use of environmentally responsible materials and resources.

Our dedicated team of professionals believe in the triple bottom line of sustainability and in the impact our industry continues to make on businesses, communities across New York City, and the world. Our experience combined with our approach enables us to contribute toward the creation of a sustainable future for all.

Meet The Brains Behind Our Success

Fatou Jabbie

Chief Executive Officer


Jasmine Reid-Harris

Sustainability Program Manager


Jesenka Berberovich

Sustainability Program Manager


Nick Titley

Digital & Social Media Marketing Manager


Matthew Capuano-Rizzo

Energy Efficiency Outreach Intern


Una Arslanagic

Digital & Social Media Marketing Intern


Blake W. Carroll

Energy Efficiency Outreach Intern


Noori Nadeem

Energy Efficiency Outreach Intern

Tom Kaminski

Thomas Kaminski

HR Consultant

Yissell Asencio Jimenez

Payroll Administrator

Cassidy Canberg

Energy Efficiency Outreach Intern

Fuat Mondal

Energy Efficiency Outreach Intern