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Incentive Programs

USL Technology is an approved contractor with NYSERDA, Con Edison, and a subconsultant on the NYC Accelerator Program designed to help you get the best energy savings.

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Services & Incentive Programs Available:

Existing Buildings

FlexTech offers cost-shared energy efficiency technical investigations, process improvement analyses, energy master plans, and demand response options for existing facilities.

  • Amount: up to 50% (max $500,000)
  • Availability: until December 31, 2025
  • Eligibility: New York State Commercial, Multifamily and Industrial facilities that are NewYork State
    electricity customers who pay into the System BenefitsCharge (SBC) through their electric utility company.
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NYSERDA offers cost-share in hiring a dedicated, full-time on-site energy manager. 

  • Amount: up to 75% cost-share
  • Building Type: for industrial and commercial facilities or multifamily buildings
  • Project Types: may include operations and maintenance improvements, energy efficiency upgrades, water saving improvements, and more.
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The RTEM program provides a 30% cost-share incentive for real-time monitoring of building energy systems, which includes the hardware, software, and continuing consulting support needed to assess and identify operational and capital changes to improve the efficiency of your facilities.

  • Amount: 30 percent of all eligible costs are covered up front, so you won’t pay full price or need to wait for rebates. Multifamily properties can receive up to $155,000 per site.
  • Eligibility: New York State multifamily buildings with five or more units. Including rentals, cooperatives, and condominiums, or commercial office spaces with at least two tenants. 
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PACE financing programs make use of a municipality’s authority to offer property owners funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects on existing commercial facilities. The property owner agrees to repay the loan with a special assessment on his or her property. PACE allows property owners to finance these types of upgrades over time without having to make a huge upfront expenditure.

Eligible Property Types: Office, Multifamily, Healthcare, Mix-Use, Retail, Private Schools, Industrial

Project Types: HVAC, Building Envelope, Insulation, Solar, Roofs

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For New York businesses interested in going solar, NY-Sun offers incentives and financing choices. NY-Sun works with solar contractors and developers to help businesses reduce the cost of purchasing and installing solar panels. The benefits offered differ depending on where you live in the state. In addition to providing incentives, NY-Sun collaborates with private-sector financial institutions to provide loans to small and big businesses, as well as non-profits. Your company may be eligible for federal tax credits in addition to our incentive programs and financing choices.

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The Low-Carbon Pathways for Multifamily Buildings
offers four packages of incentivized energy upgrades that bring deep energy savings to major building

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This program provides New Yorkers with access to energy assessments, installation services, and low interest financing.


  • A comprehensive walk through of the facility
  • Site staff interviews
  • Utility bill analysis
  • Fuel-neutral, unbiased evaluation of potential low-cost/no-cost and capital improvement energy efficiency upgrades
  • Energy study report that outlines potential energy and cost savings opportunities for your facility


  • Small Commercial Businesses (100 Full Time Employee Equivalents or Less) with $100,000 or less in annual energy expenses
  • Not-For-Profit Organizations (any size) with $100,000 or less in annual energy expenses
  • Cost: $100-500, depending on size

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The Con Edison Multifamily Program offers cash incentives for installing energy efficient equipment for electric and gas customers through custom and prescriptive rebates.

Eligible building types include buildings that have 5 or more units. Affordable housing buildings receive higher incentives and may be eligible for In-Unit Direct Install Incentives. 

Financial incentives are approved for upgrades such as LED bulbs, lighting controls, HVAC equipment, elevator upgrades, air sealing, faucet aerators and showerheads

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Customers in Con Edison’s service area can earn a reimbursement for ENERGY STAR–rated ultra-low temperature freezers that store -80°C and are commercial electric high efficiency refrigerators. Eligible equipment must be installed at a commercial or industrial Con Edison electric service location that is active and directly metered.

Savings: Customers can immediately save $1,200. The rebate is applied at the moment of sale by participating distributors—no paperwork, no waiting! Furthermore, an energy-efficient freezer can save you up to $1,000 per year in energy costs when compared to a regular freezer. 

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When you commit to energy-saving changes in lighting, refrigeration, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and gas, Con Edison may fund around half of the cost. 

A participating contractor will conduct the work when an energy evaluation has been completed. Con Edison will pay the contractor up to 50% of the cost right away, and you pay the difference.

Your system updates will guarantee that your building complies with local legislation, as well as help you save energy in the long run and pay for themselves. 

Customers in the small to medium company sector who implemented our equipment upgrade advice cut their energy usage by 30% on average.

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Get instant rebates for the purchase and installation of efficient, natural gas and electric food service equipment. 

  • Gas products include ovens, fryers, dishwashers, steamers, broilers, and ventilation. 
  • Electric products include ovens, fryers, griddles, steamers, dishwashers, hot food holding cabinets, and ventilation


Upgrade Costs

  • Gas: $1000-3000 for ovens, for example
  • Electric: $2000 for an electric steamer



  • Eligible equipment must be installed at an active, directly metered, commercial or industrial Con Edison natural gas service location. For gas equipment, all customers with commercial accounts are eligible except customers with a service class of SC-14 or customers receiving service via a negotiated contract. Religious and veterans’ organizations on a residential rate code are also eligible.

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Buildings with only electric heating and air conditioning. Roofs that are existing are required to receive sunlight. Areas that are covered with solar panels, air conditioning, bulkheads, skylights, etc. are not considered roof areas when calculating roof area.

Incentive Amount: $50 per thousand square feet 


Eligibility: Replacement of windows, installation of secondary windows and insulation of walls and roofs reduce loss from buildings.

Incentive Amount: 

$0.68 per kWh 

$120 per Mlbs of Con Edison Steam 

$20 per therm

Rebates for

  1. Low-cost energy efficiency upgrades to existing one-pipe steam distribution systems in multifamily buildings to boost system capabilities and bring savings
  2. High-Efficiency Natural Gas Heating Equipment
  3. saving on the cost of a Energy Saving Steam Survey
  4. Gas-saving incentives for new construction and existing facilities.

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New York City Department of Environmental Protection offers grant funding for private property owners in New York City to retrofit their buildings with green roofs through the Green Infrastructure Grant Program.


  • Project must be on private property
  • A green roof retrofit and at least 5,000 SF and have all of the five (5) material layers: vegetation; growing media; filler fabric; drainage layer; root barrier 
  • Minimum 1.5″ soil (growing media) depth


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Brought to you by NYSERDA & New York State Utilities (including ConEdison)

This program includes incentives for elevator modernization as part of it’s comprehensive pathway track, where multiple building system categories (e.g., heating and cooling, insulation, lighting, etc.) are addressed.


Eligible electric and gas measures for a comprehensive project are assigned points per measure- elevator measures equate to 20 points. To be eligible as a comprehensive project, a project must meet a 100-point minimum. Multiple measures can be combined to meet this requirement.

  • Retrofit of existing elevators only
  • Existing Unit of lower efficiency
  • 100% of elevators in the building will be repaired as part of this program.

Costs Covered:

The program covers up to 75% of the costs associated with these audits by providing:

  • A 50% cost share when the audit is completed
  • An additional 25% when the building proceeds with a comprehensive energy retrofit

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New Construction / Major Renovation

The Commercial New Construction Program offers objective technical and financial support for new construction and substantial renovations of commercial and institutional buildings in New York State.

Substantial renovation defined a project where RA or PE prepared certified plans for:

Change of use and reconstruction of existing building, construction requiring space to be out of service for at least 30 consecutive days, reconstruction of vacant structure or space.

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