USL Technology Inc.

Sustainability and Resiliency

Climate change is arguably the most important issue facing our world today. New York City is no exception to this and as a densely populated coastal city, it is even more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. As a global pioneer, New York City can lead building and community efforts in sustainability and resiliency. We must strive to adapt New York City to the unprecedented challenge of climate change with innovation, creativity and inclusivity, to create a more resilient, equitable and vibrant city for the New Yorkers of today and generations to come.

Sustainability and Resiliency in Our Work

In line with the NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability and Mayor’s Office of Resiliency, USL aims to pioneer climate mitigation, adaptation, resilience and conservation strategies into buildings and communities in New York City. USL works with its clients to develop and implement a holistic and proactive sustainability and resiliency strategy for NYC buildings to uphold the triple bottom line of sustainability in building environmentally-sensitive, socially-responsible and economically-viable communities.