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We provide information on everything you need to know from local laws, city incentives, and more. 

Our Areas of Expertise

Local Law Compliance

Benchmarking (B3 or Energy Start Portfolio Manager) - We'll help you gather information and submit a benchmarking report to NYC Department of Finance. 

Provide Resources - Through our network, we can connect you with highly rated contractors and on-site energy managers

Filing for Compliance - USL Technology is a registered filing representative with the New York City Department of Buildings (D.O.B.)

Financial Planning & Budgeting

Capital Planning - Energy Conservation Measure Cost Benefit Analysis

Operational Expense Planning - We can develop a plan to incorporate energy conservation efforts into your current operational budget and continue monitoring energy use to save you money over time.

Rebates and Incentives -  We will connect you to applicable incentive programs and financing options specific to your projects to capitalize on your investments.

Decarbonization Consulting

Energy Modeling - We would examine your building's existing energy consumption as a baseline for upgrading suggestions during the capital planning process.

Real Time Energy Data Analysis, Measurement, and Verification - to maximize the engineering and cost benefits of Energy Conservation Measures.

Engineering consulting and project management - as part of our holistic strategy taking on the challenges that come with building upgrades.

Building Technologies

Systems that you can upgrade in your building to begin decarbonizing and reducing energy costs!

  • Smart Metering

    Energy metering monitors consumption and generation at the source to make informed decisions about energy usage. 

  • Indoor Air Quality

    IAQ in new or existing buildings traditionally required building pre-occupancy IAQ testing processes.

  • Green / Solar Roofs

    Work with us to find out if a Solar or Green roof is feasible for your building. Additionally you may qualify for income and property tax incentives. 

  • Electrical Systems

    Making upgrades to the electrical systems and appliances that consume electricity gives one of the best possibilities to save money while lowering GHG emissions.

  • HVAC Controls

    New smarter commercial HVAC controls have more precise sensors that provide more consistent climate control.

  • Building Envelope

    An energy-efficient building envelope can provide remarkable improvements in indoor environmental health and overall longevity of a facility


Our firm is composed of LEED Accredited Professionals with design, construction, property management and real estate backgrounds. Our services include LEED Feasibility Studies / Gap Analysis for New and Existing Buildings, Energy Star Sign-Offs, LEED Consulting (EB O&M, Data Centers, New Building Construction), Infrared Building Envelope Imaging, Energy Modeling, and Local Law Compliance. Our diverse team is dedicated to deliver sustainable solutions for integrated design, construction, operations and maintenance. We are often hired to find the quickest, most economical path to certification!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does USL Technology help building owners and operators comply with NYC local laws?

USL Technology is prepared to discuss the current local laws and how they apply to your unique building. Our team can also assess fines associated with your property and work with you on the planning, funding, and execution of the necessary upgrades.

How do you help a tenant/prospective tenant/repeat tenant with NYC local law compliance?

Our team is prepared to discuss the current local laws that apply to your space with you and your landlord. There are a number of measures and strategies that could be applied to support local law compliance. It’s important that tenants come ready to discuss the nature of the space they operate for us to determine what works best.

When do the local laws take effect?

Each of the local laws take effect at varying times from 2009 through 2024 and beyond. LL84, LL95, and LL133 are already in effect, and LL87 is in effect for some buildings, while all buildings will be required to meet the requirements by 2023. 

When is the best time to incorporate energy efficiency measures into my building?

The best time is now! The sooner you get started, the sooner you will start to see the results in lower energy costs, and better operation of your building.

What documents do I need to share to use your services?

We would need your monthly energy bills and/or utility meter number to get started. If you have already completed a local law 84/87 compliance report, this is also helpful documentation to get the process started.

What are USL’s qualifications?

USL is a certified On site Energy manager and vendor for the CTP and OsEM programs by NYSERDA. We are responsible for submitting all deliverables and receive incentive payments from NYSERDA. Our team is composed of LEED Accredited Professionals, LEED Green Associates, Certified Energy Managers etc. We have a combined experience of over 15 years in providing technical and strategic environmentally focused solutions to design, construction, real estate, and building operations professionals to support a high level of performance, value, and quality in the built environment and within businesses and organizations.

What kind of incentives are available to me as a building owner/tenant?

There are various incentives provided by the power utility company Con Edison, New York State Energy Research & Development Authority amongst others, that we can share with you if you are interested. The incentive amount would depend on the energy measures that we recommend and finalize with you.

Contact us to help you meet your energy efficiency goals.

Our certified specialists and services help you reduce costs, mitigate risk, and meet energy efficiency goals at absolutely no cost!