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USL Hosts Panel at the 5th HANYC Sustainability Awards

The Hotel Association of New York City’s (HANYC) leadership has ensured that the hospitality industry in New York City set a high standard of quality service and sustainable practices. Their guidance is critical as New York City incorporates new programs and local law mandates within the industry. USL Technology Inc, an Efficiency Advisor on the NYC Retrofit Accelerator Program and a  member of the HANYC Sustainability Committee planned and developed this panel session “ Sustainable Tourism & Hospitality: Improving Building Efficiency” on behalf of the HANYC to add value to the ongoing discussion regarding sustainability in the hospitality and tourism sector. 

The panel session will be held at the 5th HANYC Sustainability Awards on November 11, 2019 in the Jacob Javits Center, NYC and will examine the following in detail: 

The session speakers:

The session will be chaired by Fatou Jabbie, Efficiency Advisor- NYC Retrofit Accelerator Program and Principal, USL Technology Inc. and co-moderated by Kevin Hamilton, President & CEO, NuEnergen, LLC. 

The panel discussion will discuss New York City’s 80 by 50 carbon emission reduction goals, specific retrofit measures required to get us to our goals to reduce energy use, reduce carbon intensity, buy carbon offsets or pay fines up to $268 per metric ton of CO2e. 

Some key takeaways expected: 

Moreover, this platform will also connect people in the  sustainability field to share best practices and innovation in the hospitality sector while complying to the NYC local laws.

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