Operation and Budget Planning

Year-over-year, operations and budget planning requires careful attention to meeting the needs of the business while balancing the costs. USL Technology’s will provide your business with the strategies to incorporate energy conservation efforts into your budget. By introducing energy efficiency measures (EEM’s), retrocommissioning, and by re-training staff your business could potentially save thousands of dollars with these measures in place.

Improvement Services:

Energy Modeling

Modeling your building performance helps you make informed decisions strategic energy efficiency measure (EEMs) opportunities for long-term savings).


Your HVAC equipment may not be operating at maximum efficiency to meet your building’s needs. Retrocommissioning equipment will ensure it’s operating as designed. LL87 requires this every 10 years for buildings >50,000 sq. ft.

Your Dedicated On-Site Energy Manager will tackle all of your Energy Management Plan.

  • Identify site-specific goals
  • Set 12-24 month energy reduction targets
  • Coordinate additional energy projects in the pipeline

With USL, we build a robust energy management plan that encompasses:

  • Ongoing Operation & Maintenance
  • Energy/Cost Savings
  • Improved Quality of Life
  • Satisfied Tenants and Occupants
  • Annual Carbon Emission Reduction

Local Law Compliance

NYC has several local laws that require buildings to meet certain energy standards. Including these measures will allow you to:

  • Manage and report your energy data (LL84/LL133/LL87)
  • Improve your building's performance letter grade (LL95)!
  • Avoid LL97 penalties

Carbon Emission Reduction

Approximately 70% of the carbon footprint in New York City originates from its buildings. By implementing energy efficiency measures (EEMs) and other measures like sustainable roofing your building’s carbon footprint will be reduced and possibly earn you income in the carbon marketplace.

Efficient Use of Resources

Implementing energy efficiency measures (EEMs) means consuming less energy, increased efficiency, and extending the life of your equipment.

Cost Savings

With energy efficiency measures (EEMs) in place your building’s energy use will be reduced leading to a change in your monthly energy expenses.

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