Local Law 95 - Building Efficiency Letter Grade

Starting in 2020, buildings 25,000 square feet or larger – those subject to Local Law 84 – that are eligible to generate an ENERGY STAR score must display energy grades. Issued by ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager Platform, scores will represent building energy performance relative to similar buildings in similar climates. Building Energy Efficiency Ratings are based on energy performance, not emissions.

These laws require that buildings that fall under the square footage requirement to publicly display energy scores, in the same fashion as restaurant health scores. Scores will be based on energy benchmarking data from Local Law 84 (Link to Local LL84 Page) – also known as the NYC Benchmarking Law.

Those buildings not eligible for ENERGY STAR score generation are exempt, and do not need to post energy grades (Contact US link here to find out more on ENERGY STAR eligibility). All ENERGY STAR-eligible buildings covered by Local Law 84 must present energy performance grades, regardless of the building owner’s project financing/affordability status.

Ratings include a 1–100 ENERGY STAR® score and corresponding A–D letter grade. ENERGY STAR® scores are assigned based on building occupancy type, with building performance measured against that of similar buildings.

While reducing energy consumption will in most cases result in reduced building emissions, having a high grade does not necessarily translate to Local Law 97 compliance. Building owners should take care to verify their buildings’ emissions performance as well.

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