LEED New Construction

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LEED for new construction is the gold standard in sustainable building.

LEED for New Construction is a rigorous rating system that evaluates the environmental impact of new buildings and construction projects. This rating system is designed to promote sustainable development, reduce environmental impact, and improve the health and well-being of occupants. By using LEED for New Construction, we ensure that our buildings meet the highest standards of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

By using the LEED rating system as a framework for our projects, we ensure that our communities are designed and built to promote sustainability, energy efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

LEED for new construction: building for a healthier planet and people.

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Achieving LEED Hospitality certification for a LEED BD+C project demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability in the hospitality industry. Sustainable features such as improved indoor air quality, natural lighting, and efficient heating and cooling systems can contribute to the well-being and comfort of both guests and staff, creating a more enjoyable and healthy environment for all. 

LEED for Cities and Communities helps projects track progress towards sustainability goals and compare performance globally. The program enables local leaders and private sector to benchmark against national and global standards, demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and social equity, and improve quality of life through data-driven decision making and leadership.

LEED Hospitality in the Gambia

We know that good design means good business.

Through our subsidiary, USEE, we are building two world-class LEED-certified and high-performance hospitality projects that aim to enhance the Gambia’s leadership in eco-tourism and develop compelling brand recognition globally.

Latest LEED New Construction Projects

At USL Technology, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond individual buildings. We are also dedicated to building LEED communities in the Gambia. Both projects will be built using the LEED framework, from planning to implementation and construction, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of sustainability and environmental responsibility.


Hallahin River Eco Resort

Nestled near the Hallahin River, an eco resort offers guests a unique luxury experience and presents an unparalleled opportunity to connect with nature while enjoying world-class amenities.

The location provides an ideal retreat for those who appreciate exclusive top-tier experiences with sustainability and eco-consciousness in mind. The Hallahin River offers a range of activities, from boat rides to fishing, allowing guests to connect with nature and create unforgettable experiences.


Kartong Coastal Village Eco Resort

With its stunning Atlantic coastline and sandy white beaches, the coastal region of the Gambia provides an ideal location for an eco resort. Imagine a serene paradise, surrounded by natural beauty and filled with sustainable amenities. The region’s sand dunes also provide an opportunity to explore the unique landscape and create unforgettable experiences for guests.

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As USGBC members, we’re committed to driving a new way
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challenge and deliver the sustainable, equitable, resilient, and smart cities and communities of

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