Industrial Sector

Industrial businesses are a huge part of New York’s history and identity. By making select equipment upgrades, you’ll be able to keep your storage spaces, production facilities, and processing areas up to date and efficient.

USL Technology’s energy and water efficiency or renewable energy services extends to warehousing, manufacturing, food processing and more in the industrial sector. A free energy assessment can help you find simple ways to heat and cool your spaces reliably and efficiently while cutting energy costs. USL Technology, a participating Con Edison contractor, will visit your place of business and recommend ways you can save energy. They’ll also advise you on how much upgrading your equipment will cost and how much Con Edison can cover as a further incentive. Contact us to Book A Consultation

Incentive Information

There are incentives that may cover approximately half the cost when you commit to energy saving upgrades in lighting, refrigeration, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and gas.  

You decide if and when the job gets done. USL Technology participating contractors will perform the work. Con Edison can pay up to approximately 50% of the cost directly to the contractor, and you pay the difference.

There’s no need to wait for rebates. Your investment on system enhancements will continue to save you money on energy and pay for themselves over time.

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