Indoor Air Quality

Improve Indoor Air Quality

USL Technology works with owners, tenants, and property managers to ensure that IAQ efforts are aligned with:
  • Your internal policies and procedures, 
  • Latest CDC, NYS Department of Health guidelines,
  • ASHRAE guidelines to ensure the safe return of occupants and successful operations of businesses.
IAQ in new or existing buildings traditionally required building pre-occupancy IAQ testing processes which include test date(s) and scope, sampling locations with respect to floor area, size, and ventilation system, and (as applicable) any corrective measures implemented or project-specific special considerations. All IAQ tests require screening for contaminants such as: formaldehyde particulates (PM10)total volatile organic compounds (TVOC)4-phenylcyclohexene (4-PCH), and carbon monoxide (CO). Our team is able to provide confirmation when concentrations of these contaminants are detected and if they exceed the published maximum limits. If detected concentrations exceed the published maximum limits, provisions for additional testing and a narrative indicating next steps to be implemented would be provided prior to any further testing. Pre or post Covid-19, indoor air quality (IAQ) should always be an important priority for building owners and tenants. 

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