Energy Modeling

USL Technology performs energy modeling and analysis of new buildings and retrofit design, incentive programs, tax credits, in support of energy audits and retrofits, code compliance, design and construction of high-performance buildings such as LEED. Energy modeling is a critical tool in the efforts to shed light on energy consumption of existing buildings and maximize engineering and cost-benefit potential of energy conservation measures(ECMs) or estimation of energy profiles and the carbon footprint of our new buildings.

USL has worked on a variety of commercial building types and sizes in New York. Our work has included modeling during conceptual and schematic design to inform early design decisions, such as HVAC system type selection; modeling for LEED, where some of our projects have earned the LEED Gold rating.

Energy Modeling for High Performance Building Certifications such as LEED required the use of EnergyPlus / DOE2-Based Energy Modeling Software: Can be used to demonstrate compliance with the NYC Energy Code Compliance (NYCECC) or for LEED and /or other Utility-based incentives program compliance when doing an analysis for new or existing commercial buildings.

Energy modeling for NYCECC Energy code compliance, must be reported on the Energy Cost Budget Worksheet (EN1 Form). Contact us to find out more (Insert link to the energy code compliance). USL will work closely with our design and engineering peers to use either Section ECC 506 of the NYCECC or Chapter 11 in ASHRAE 90.1 and energy modeling based on the EnergyPlus / DOE2 program.

Our team of engineers have performed energy modeling (Link to the Energy Modeling brochure) to inform design, for LEED, incentive programs, and in support of energy audits on numerous projects including four that received LEED Gold certification.

USL Technology is an Karpman Consulting is an approved provider (link to the con edison small business program page and NYSERDA Commercial Tenant Program website) for the following programs:

  • Con Edison Small Business Program
  • NYSERDA Commercial Tenant Program
  • NYSERDA Onsite Energy Manager Program

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NYC requires many buildings to meet mandated energy efficiency (LL 84, 85, 87, 95 & 97), clean energy and Green Roofs (LL92&94); and report on energy use. As you expert advisors, we will help you navigate the requirement and save you money!

Many of our services have a 50% – 100% cost share support from NYSERDA or Incentives from Con Edison. Work with us to gain access to these incentives!

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