Energy Code Compliance

In NYC residential buildings are defined as one-, two-, three- and multiple-family dwellings three stories or less. All residential buildings four stories and above are categorized as a commercial building.

As a filing representative, USL Technology is registered with New York City Department of Buildings (D.O.B) representing owners, developers, engineers and architects on new construction, additions and alterations of commercial, residential and/or mix-used building projects.

The Energy Analysis is required for most residential and commercial buildings, and the analysis describes how the entire project, including a building’s envelope, HVAC, service water heating, lighting and electrical power systems as applicable to the scope of the project work. complies with the New York City Energy Conservation Code (NYCECC). The analysis identifies the strategy or compliance path taken by the design team per the NYS, NYC energy code or per the ASHRAE standard used for design. Projects that are exempted do not require Energy Analysis

The Energy Analysis may be presented to the Department of Buildings (D.O.B) in one of these formats:

  • REScheck (Residential Code Compliance)
  • COMcheck (Commercial Code Compliance)
  • EnergyPlus or DOE2-based energy modeling software (Residential or Commercial
  • , using Form EN1 for reporting to the Department of Buildings or in Energy Code Tabular Analysis (pdf) format.

The project team ensures to key in the identifying terms used in the energy analysis to the construction drawings, so that each wall type, window type, HVAC unit, lighting fixture, etc., can be clearly linked to their location in the drawings. The energy analysis also must be included on a drawing or drawings within the construction drawing set.

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NYC requires many buildings to meet mandated energy efficiency (LL 84, 85, 87, 95 & 97), clean energy and Green Roofs (LL92&94); and report on energy use. As you expert advisors, we will help you navigate the requirement and save you money!

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