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Energy Management

When it comes to improving your energy management plan there are many considerations to ensure your business’s needs are met. Business owners and operators often miss the cutting edge services, equipment upgrades, smart technologies, and incentive programs available to them. USL Technology assists owners and operators across New York City with the planning and integration of these services, programs, and technologies. We understand it may be capital intensive and also help owners and operators secure the financing available to their sectors.

With a robust energy management system a business can meet their sustainability and resiliency goals, comply with NYC local laws, and operate more efficiently. USL Technology is committed to assisting owners and operators on how to include these measures into their business operations with realistic timelines for completion and the resources to get it done. 

How USL Technology Will Help:

Our Process

Systems & Technologies

Local Law Compliance

NYC has several local laws that require buildings to meet certain energy standards.

  • Manage and report on your energy data (LL84/LL133/LL87)
  • Get you a high letter grade on your building performance (LL95)!
  • Avoid LL97 penalties

Carbon Emission Reduction

The building sector makes up nearly 70% of NYC’s carbon footprint. By implementing energy saving measures and sustainable roofs, your building’s carbon footprint will be cut, save you from LL97 penalties, and possibly earn you income in the carbon marketplace.

Efficient Use of Resources

When you implement Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) in your building, the energy it consumes is used more efficiently while extending the lifetime of your equipment.

Cost Savings

With Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) in place, your building’s energy use will come down and you will see immediate effects on your energy bills.

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