Commercial + Residential

In NYC residential buildings are defined as one-, two-, three- and multiple-family dwellings three stories or less. All residential buildings four stories and above are categorized as a commercial building. When a commercial and residential structure are combined (also known as mixed-use buildings), the energy usage can be substantial. Examining your system needs and equipment operation, particularly in the commercial space, will be critical to identifying the best energy-saving potential.

As a filing representative, USL Technology is registered with New York City Department of Buildings (D.O.B) representing owners, developers, engineers and architects on new construction, additions and alterations of commercial, residential and/or mix-used building projects. Our organization is the ideal choice for understanding how to tackle energy management in a balanced manner.  Book A Consultation to get started.

There are a range of energy conservation and cost-cutting measures available, including:

✓   Zone Heating/Cooling & Ventilation

✓   Efficient Lighting & Controls

✓   Smart Water Systems

✓   Domestic Hot Water (DHW)

✓   Commercial Appliances

✓   Refrigeration