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Carbon Emission Goals

Climate change is arguably the most important issue facing our world today. New York City is no exception and as a densely populated coastal city it is even more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Buildings account for nearly three-quarters of the city’s emissions, Guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in 2014 the Mayor of the City of New York, Bill de Blasio committed to reducing its GHG emissions 80% by 2050, compared to 2005 levels (80 x 50). The Mayor created the “One City: Built to Last” document. The plan is a comprehensive 10-year roadmap to improve the energy efficiency of the city’s buildings.

With an ambitious goal to reduce the city’s building-based emissions 30% by 2025 as a staging post to the 2050 target achieving the city’s climate objectives is no easy task. It requires active participation by New Yorkers to transform the buildings where we live and work. We will also need to adjust the ways we travel and the goods we consume.

As a global pioneer New York City continues to lead building and community efforts in sustainability and resiliency. As New Yorkers, we must continue to prepare New York City for the unprecedented challenge of climate change with innovation, creativity, and inclusivity to create a more resilient, equitable, and vibrant city for the New Yorkers of today and generations to come.


Carbon Emission Goals in Our Work

In alignment with the OneNYC plan and the 80×50 report, USL Technology works to minimize New York City’s carbon footprint and contribute to the efforts for a more sustainable city. By targeting the building sector we believe we are addressing one of the areas of major concern contributing to climate change as this sector makes up nearly 70% of NYC’s carbon footprint. 

Our organization works with building owners and operators throughout the 5 boroughs to develop and implement holistic and proactive compliance strategies. We help building owners and operators  identify energy efficiencies, compliance deadlines, and best practices we contribute toward the overall goal of reducing carbon emissions.

By tackling the challenges posed by climate change with innovation, creativity, and inclusivity, we are not only improving the quality of life for all New Yorkers in the built environment but also protecting our planet. 

Sustainability and Resiliency Is Our Work

In line with the NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability and Mayor’s Office of Resiliency, USL Technology aims to pioneer climate mitigation, adaptation, resilience and conservation strategies into buildings and communities in New York City. Our organization works with its clients to develop and implement a holistic and proactive sustainability and resiliency strategy for NYC buildings to uphold the triple bottom line of sustainability in building environmentally-sensitive, socially-responsible and economically-viable communities.

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