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Capital Planning

When you’re considering a project for new construction, or building retrofit, it is the perfect time to consider your Energy Management Plan. Our services include modeling the energy use of your building, finding ways to integrate energy efficiency upgrades and smart technology, and developing an energy management plan so that your building operates as designed. We are here to work with you every step of the way!

Our Capital Planing/Improvement Services

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Local Law Compliance

NYC has several local laws that require buildings to meet certain energy standards.

  • Manage and report on your energy data (LL84/LL133/LL87)
  • Get you a high letter grade on your building performance (LL95)!
  • Avoid LL97 $$ penalties

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Carbon Emission Reduction

The building sector makes up nearly 70% of NYC’s carbon footprint. By implementing energy saving measures and sustainable roofs, your building’s carbon footprint will be cut, save you from LL97 penalties, and possibly earn you income in the carbon marketplace. Learn more here.

Efficient Use of Resources

When you implement Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) in your building, the energy it consumes is used more efficiently while extending the lifetime of your equipment.

Cost Savings

With Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) in place, your building’s energy use will come down and you will see immediate effects on your energy bills.