USL Technology Inc.

Capital Planning

Major upgrades take time, planning, and capital. USL Technology assists business owners and operators with the capital planning phase by performing cost-benefit analysis to determine which projects are a good fit for their buildings. By integrating energy efficiency upgrades and smart technologies a building could reduce it’s energy costs and increase efficiency. This translates into major saving opportunities for owners and operators in the future. 

Whether it’s new construction or upgrades to an existing building our organization collaborates with internal and external professionals to ensure owners and operators are receiving the fairest deal on the market. The time to save money on energy is now. Owners and operators will be supported in their capital planning phase and when they decide to install upgrades to their buildings.

Our Capital Planning/Improvement Services

Energy Modeling

Modeling your building performance helps you make informed decisions strategic energy conservation measure (ECM) opportunities for long-term savings.

Smart Technology

Smart technologies can be used for monitoring water, energy, and indoor air quality to inform property managers of usage and issues as they arise.

We work with you to meet the needs of your building with the best equipment and find incentives to capitalize on your investments. Upgrades could be in the form of new HVAC equipment, lighting upgrades, controls, and more.

Sustainable Roofs

With LL92/LL94 in effect, a majority of NYC rooftops are required to have either a solar or green roof installed for new construction and major roof renovations.


Local Law Compliance

NYC has several local laws that require buildings to meet certain energy standards.

  • Manage and report on your energy data (LL84/LL133/LL87)
  • Get you a high letter grade on your building performance (LL95)
  • Avoid LL97 penalties
Carbon Emission Reduction

The building sector makes up nearly 70% of NYC’s carbon footprint. By implementing energy saving measures and sustainable roofs, your building’s carbon footprint will be cut, save you from LL97 penalties, and possibly earn you income in the carbon marketplace.

Efficient Use of Resources

When you implement Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) in your building, the energy it consumes is used more efficiently while extending the lifetime of your equipment.

Cost Savings

With Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) in place, your building’s energy use will come down and you will see immediate effects on your energy bills.

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