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Building Energy NYC 2015 Cross-Disciplinary Conference

We are happy to share USL Technology’s involvement with the planning and coordination of the upcoming one-day BuildingEnergy NYC 2015 conference in NYC.

“BuildingEnergy NYC is a cross-disciplinary conference where members of New York’s building industry come together to learn from each other how to make the buildings of this great city even better.” (

Fatou Jabbie, our CEO, will co-chair two sessions:   

Demand Response Strategies

Thursday, October 15, 2015

BENYC15 Track 4: What’s Trending – Systems


Saheel Chandrani

Tim Lezgus

Sukanya Paciorek

“This session will explore the incorporation of techniques to increase performance in utility-based energy programs and to draw insights from current Demand Response (DR) uses in New York City. Speakers will review the benefits, concerns, and solutions encountered in actual DR projects, successful DR integration at one of the City’s well-known landmark buildings, going beyond traditional building efficiency initiatives during design and construction, and including backup power sources to ensure grid reliability.”

Benefits of Cx and RCx: Compliant Buildings, Healthy People

Thursday, October 15, 2015

BENYC15 Track 5: What’s Working – Solutions


Gina Bocra

Wesley Stanhope

Maureen Mahle

“This discussion will examine multifamily and commercial commissioning and retro-commissioning projects with an emphasis on: code compliance; increasing energy savings; preventing building system failures; resolving operations and maintenance issues; and improving indoor environmental quality (IAQ). The session presentations will describe some of the most common aspects of buildings such as ventilation to the lesser-known measures like user tools and resources available in the marketplace to start commissioning buildings for compliance, efficiency, and health.”

The BuildingEnergy NYC conference and trade-show is an opportunity to see, hear, learn from, and network with New York’s community of building professionals. It is a great resource for developers, building and facility owners and managers, utility professionals, policy makers, architects, engineers, designers, contractors, renewable energy providers, or anyone considering entering the field, providing an inside look at recent and upcoming industry developments.

Last year, BuildingEnergy NYC welcomed 400 attendees and 35 exhibitors. This year, BuildingEnergy NYC will offer six tracks with 24 sessions, and 50 trade-show exhibitors.  The conference starts on October 15, 2015, at the TKP NY Conference Center, 109 West 39th Street.  Registration opens August 1.

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We hope to see you there!

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Posted: April 2, 2020