“Buildings have a significant impact on New York City’s environment. Energy use in our buildings is responsible for 75% of our carbon emissions, 94% of our electricity use, and 85% of our water consumption,” PlaNYC 2011.

Managing energy costs has become a corporate-level priority for many organizations. Drivers such as data center capacity constraints, and shrinking budgets and global climate change have spurred new innovation in intelligent energy management technologies.

There are many opportunities to achieve significant energy reductions not only in the data center, but across the organization. Taking an iterative approach to energy management for the enterprise, organization’s can set practical goals for improving energy efficiency across data centers, facilities, portfolio of commercial buildings, municipalities, Federal/State/Local and City Government buildings and IT assets.

As we continue to develop our expertise in the market, USL Technology partners with industry leaders such as Cisco Systems. Our firm has met the rigorous Cisco certified personnel levels required for EnergyWise Suite Integrator Partner. This helps ensure that our sales and support organizations are better prepared to properly design, install, and support EnergyWise specific technology and products for our clients.

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According to the EPA, “The Average Building Wastes 30% of the Energy It Consumes Because of Inefficiencies.” At USL Technology, we believe that in addition to electrical loads being unmanaged, the electrical supply is reactive. Organization’s end up spending more than necessary under the guise of needed energy redundancy and reliability. Both reliability and redundancy can still be achieved in mission critical facility with strategically managed electrical loads scaled with growth.

Organizations are increasingly wanting to track and justify their efforts and report progress to regulators, investors, customers, and employees. Intelligent energy efficiency and management strategies represents a new, crucial role for enterprises as the central repository, manager, and reporter of corporate wide energy and greenhouse gas emission data.

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